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Birthdate:Feb 8
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
My name's Devin.
See my friends only post and interests for stuff about me.

I am cobwebsinwhite from livejournal.

Interests (149):

a static lullaby, acoustic, alesana, american apparel, androgyny, art, atticus, band photography, band tshirts, bandanas, bass guitar, beanies, belt buckles, bike riding, black and red, black and white, black hair, black nail polish, blogging, cameras, candles, cds, chick flicks, chiodos, chocolate milk, coffee, coloring, converse, corpse bride, creative writing, creativity, degrassi, dickies, discovering new bands, documentaries, dogs, dreams, drive thru records, duct tape, easy mac, emery, emo, eyeliner, eyes, fight club, fingerless gloves, forums, fullbleed, fye, glee, going on walks, going to shows, golden retrievers, graffiti, guitar, guitars, hair dye, hardcore, hoodies, horoscopes, hot topic, hurley, icons, ideas, indie rock, inspiration, internet, interpunk, journaling, karate, late night tv, lgbt, lgbt rights, lip rings, lists, livejournal, local shows, lyrics, making lists, messenger bags, metalcore, mirrors, music, music videos, musicals, nachos, nautical stars, ncis, neff, neon, old song demos, online shopping, parks, photography, pianos, piercings, pink, pizza, poetry, pon and zi, pop punk, post hardcore, psychology, rain, rock climbing, rvca, scarves, screamo, self expression, sharpies, sheetz, shoelaces, shopping, show venues, silverstein, skating, skelanimals, skinny jeans, skramz, sleeping, snow, song writing, spotify, staying up late, stereos, stretched lobes, striped shirts, studded belts, swimming, taking random pictures, tattoos, the butterfly effect, thoughts, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tim burton movies, to write love on her arms, underoath, vampirefreaks, vans, violins, vlogs, watching movies, wicca, wristbands, writing, x, youth large shirts, youtube
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