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"Please note that Abuse Prevention Team is not obliged to send you an email notification on the reason of your journal's suspension."
Really, livejournal? Really?
This really pisses me off.
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I ate way too much white cheddar popcorn and had a Degrassi marathon yesterday. I watched the episode when Craig's dad died and it made me really sad.
I haven't logged onto LJ in a few weeks and I'm a little paranoid to while I'm at my parents house. I'm worried about getting a virus from that site. Is LJ still safe to be on even though the servers are in Russia? I have some LJ comments to reply to and I'll get to them soon. I've been learning about ransom ware too and that really isn't helping with me being paranoid. I accidentally clicked on an ad on LJ and I almost shit my pants, it really freaked me out.
I'm going to keep this entry public. Not sure why.
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Dear LiveJournal:
Why did you change your picture uploader?
It was perfectly fucking fine and worked alot better before.
Now, it's a huge pain in the ass just to upload one fucking picture.
Please don't do what myspace do when they changed the whole site.
It's so frustrating to upload pictures now.


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