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Birthdate:Feb 8
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
My name's Devin.
See my friends only post and interests for stuff about me.

I am cobwebsinwhite from livejournal.

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a static lullaby, acoustic, aiden, alesana, alexisonfire, all time low, anatomy of a ghost, androgyny, art, atfev, atticus, band photography, band tshirts, bayside, beanies, belt buckles, bike riding, black nail polish, bleeding star clothing, blessthefall, blogging, boys like girls, bright eyes, candles, chiodos, coffee, coheed and cambria, coloring, converse, criminal minds, dear whoever, death cab for cutie, dickies, discovering new bands, dogs, drive thru records, easy mac, eighteen visions, emo, emocore, epitaph records, eyeliner, fingerless gloves, four letter lie, from first to last, frozen pizza, going on walks, going to shows, golden retrievers, greeley estates, hair dye, halifax, hardcore, hidden in plain view, hockey, hoodies, hot topic, i am ghost, ideas, indie rock, inspiration, internet, iron fist clothing, it dies today, jamisonparker, journaling, karate, lastfm, lgbt, lgbt rights, lip rings, local shows, lyrics, making lists, mayday parade, metalcore, motion city soundtrack, music, musicals, my american heart, my chemical romance, nachos, nautical stars, ncis, neff, online shopping, photography, piercings, poetry, poison the well, pop punk, post hardcore, psychology, rain, saosin, screamo, sharpies, sheetz, shopping, silverstein, skating, skinny jeans, sleeping, song writing, staying up late, stretched lobes, studded belts, taking back sunday, taking random pictures, tattoos, the banner, the bled, the chariot, the color morale, thrice, thrift stores, thursday, tim burton movies, tumblr, underoath, vans, victory records, volcom, watching movies, with broken wings, wristbands, writing, youth large shirts, youtube
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