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I just went to check the weather and supposedly my county and a bunch of others are under a severe thunderstorm watch. The alert was posted 45 minutes ago.
It's currently 84 degrees out and sunny.
Wtf weather?
I'm starting to second guess whether or not to go on a walk.
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Last night, I found out Chester Bennington, the singer of Linkin Park died. He committed suicide. While I was never really into Linkin Park, this made me very sad. Depression and suicide are very serious and very real. Rest easy, Chester. You will be missed by many.
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I ate way too much white cheddar popcorn and had a Degrassi marathon yesterday. I watched the episode when Craig's dad died and it made me really sad.
I haven't logged onto LJ in a few weeks and I'm a little paranoid to while I'm at my parents house. I'm worried about getting a virus from that site. Is LJ still safe to be on even though the servers are in Russia? I have some LJ comments to reply to and I'll get to them soon. I've been learning about ransom ware too and that really isn't helping with me being paranoid. I accidentally clicked on an ad on LJ and I almost shit my pants, it really freaked me out.
I'm going to keep this entry public. Not sure why.
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That entry was pretty long. Tis great. I need to start posting longer entries.
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I just looked at the date and I can't believe it's May 1st already.

For some reason, I really like May.
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For some reason, I couldn't get on livejournal all day yesterday. It kept saying 502 error or something like that.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone!
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This is actually very accurate, haha.
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Even though I'm not a teen or adolescent anymore. I just wish more than anything that my family would understand and accept this and start calling me Devin. I've tried explaining to them and talking about it to them numerous times. They won't accept me or even try to educate themselves about transgender.
I'm not your daughter, sister, niece, or a she.
I'm your son, brother, nephew, and a he.
I'm Devin.
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Not exactly sure how I found this video on youtube, but it is very cute, lol. I think this kangaroo was just trying to find their car.
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A picture of me I took a few days ago.
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Music makes things hurt less.
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A friend posted this that they found on tumblr onto facebook.
"I want every trans person out there to know that you deserve respect. You deserve to be called by your preferred name and pronouns. You deserve to wear the clothes you like. You deserve to have your friends and family at least try to understand. You deserve support, whether you feel you need it or not. You deserve to be whichever gender you identify as, without prejudice or fear.
You deserve to exist as YOU."
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Can't remember if I posted this or not, but this is a picture of me from 2012. I think this was self harm awareness day?
There is hope, never give up <3
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Updated my interests.
I'm mainly on my livejournal (cobwebsinwhite), but I made a dreamwidth too.
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Something I found on an old livejournal I had:
Post anything that you want, and post it anonymously.
A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love... anything. Make sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post as many times as you'd like.
Then, put this in your LJ to see what others have to say.
I've turned off the option of logging IP addresses, so I have no way of knowing who you are.
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Dear LiveJournal:
Why did you change your picture uploader?
It was perfectly fucking fine and worked alot better before.
Now, it's a huge pain in the ass just to upload one fucking picture.
Please don't do what myspace do when they changed the whole site.
It's so frustrating to upload pictures now.
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Friends Only
Comment to be added.

Hey. My name's Devin. Single. 23. FTM. Not on T. Post hysterctomy (5/16/14). Musician. Bassist. Guitarist. Writer. Lyricist. Wallflower. Mellow. Legally blind. Introspective. Wiccan. Libertarian.
Diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 2, generalized anxiety disorder n.o.s, anorexia, and gender dysphoria. I used to self harm.
I post lots of pictures, rambles, lists, re-caps of my day or shows I've been to, and the occasional rants and surveys.
I live in jeans, t-shirts, converse, and hoodies. I often wear youth large shirts and white belts.
I love many different kinds of music- post hardcore, metalcore, screamo, hardcore, indie, acoustic, pop punk, and emo (old and new). My lobes are stretched at a 00g. I used to have my lip pierced but I took it out. I'm 5'1'' tall and I have hazel eyes.
See my interests for stuff I like.


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